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Kaden Double Feature: Swallowing Tiny Roommate & Gummy Bears
KADEN'S final two (2) videos rolled into one! And they're NOT to be missed! Start off with KadenSwallowing his helpless 1/2 inch tall roommate. Coming into the kitchen, the jock discovers the little loser on the table and begins comparing him to his hands, and how big they are to him. "I'm a fucking Giant compared to you dude haha". Before the tiny can do anything else, Kaden nonchalantly starts putting him inside his wet, pink mouth. Opening it to reveal a huge tongue, white teeth and glistening throat. He plays a game of taking him in and out, just for fun. "That's what you get Kenny. For being small. Time to go back in the mouth", as the jock tosses the little back inside his wide pink cavern. Soon the Giant grows bored and swallows him whole. He lifts his tank top off to reveal a muscular, bloated stomach. "I can hear you inside my stomach Kenny haha. Getting digested alive." 


The next video features Kaden's personal servant feeding him a tray of gummy bears. "Why am I feeding you these dummies?" The servant asks. "Because I want them." Says Kaden dully. Wearing nothing but boxer briefs, he kicks back on his bed and in POV form, the servant feeds the jock gummy candies one at a time. Sometimes Kaden puts his mouth a little further down the fingers of the slave. "Your mouth is so warm sir", the servant says. Get this 2-in-1 video now and start making that fantasy come true! 


18 minutes

Kaden Double Feature: Swallowing Tiny Roommate & Gummy Bears

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