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Justin the Giant Watches TV Barefoot: Burping & Mouthplay

Justin looms over the camera with his smelly, sweat size 12.5s eating an apple, and watching TV featuring Giants eating little people- including his own roommate Oliver, who has somehow gotten sucked into the movie. As Justin watches, he belches a lot. "BURRRRRRPPP!!! Oh fuck Oliver's getting swallowed! By a fucking Giant! Aahah-BURRRPP! HIC! Just like I would eat him too." He continues to rub his barefeet and talks about how much they stink. Chewing more apple, belching more, he eventually picks Oliver out of the movie and into his own massive mouth. You see right into Justin's big maw with little Oliver on the big tongue. Then Justin closes his mouth and lets out more belching. His hiccups intensify. He has no mercy for the loser stuck in his throat. 


Justin even mouth tortures some plastic horses, small enough to fit a few at a time in his mouth- with saliva and slobber coming out of the jock's mouth. This is ONE HOT clip for anyone into seeing a Giant Jock verbally humiliate someone weaker and tiny, hiccup, belch and mouth play. The TV is almost just a secondary addition to the main attraction- Justin the Giant. There are constant burps. Throughout video. The feet angles are insanely intense and raw- you can see the sweat from those soles through the camera. Filmed in 1080 60p. 


24 mins

Justin the Giant Watches TV Barefoot: Burping & Mouthplay

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