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Justin Shrinks His Boss

Custom Video! Justin shrinks his job interviewer for denying him a job. "You seriously denied me for this easy ass job? Well what does it feel like to be a toy now, Mr. Evans haha!" Hand play is first. Justin smirks down at the loser, and begins slamming his hand on the tiny loser. "Maybe I'll shrink the the whole team too." He puts his massive finger on the inch tall minion, and then decides to slam his water bottle on him. "Did you know you would be interviewing a GIANT today?" Justin asks sarcastically. "Oh oops! Sorry, didn't see you there dude. Careful."


"I showed up fro this fucking interview so you better be attentive to me! Now that you're so small." After hand games and size comparison, Justin takes of his smelly worn out sneakers. "I had to kick my shoes off because my feet fucking stink. I kinda gave up on the formality of this interview anyway." He picks Mr. Evans up and places him on his smelly socks. "Do they smell too bad for you dude? Ha, you like the smell don't you?" The tiny falls off the massive size 12 foot onto the table, but the jock simply picks him back up and puts him back on the big toe. The worn out grey socks have evidently been through a lot. Justin starts scratching his socks with the boss. "Oh man, that feels so much better." 


"I should get more comfortable in here." The jock takes off his dress shirt, revealing his hairy chest. He takes his socks off too, showing off his smelly sweaty soles. "Holy fuck, these feet are so stinky! Super stinky fucking feet. Need to air out." All the while he places the boss in-between his toes. "Stinky ass feet all over your small ass body!" It's a joke to the jock, who is now in complete control. The scene switches to poor Mr. Evans lying on the floor, as Justin towers over him. His massive toes easily smothering him on the hard wooden floors. The Giant's feet are so sweaty, the little sticks to his feet. Eventually Justin gets bored, and throws the boss into his stinky shoe. Putting his smelly socks back on, he decides to go to the gym with Mr. Evans trapped inside- forever.  Includes Bonus clips at the end of Justin getting direction for some of the scene work. 


17 minutes

Justin Shrinks His Boss

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