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Justin's Cookies & Milk Belly Stuffing

Justin sits in a chair on Christmas Eve with his bare chest out and a ton of cookies. "MMM Cookies and milk!" He begins stuffing them into his mouth, chugging milk, and letting out massive belches. "BURRPPPP!!! Oh man now I feel like the fat fuck Santa is haha." He keeps eating, and burping, and bloating his belly out. 


He gets so greedy, he drinks the milk right out of the carton. "BURPPP!!! Oh man, I BURRRPPP Love Cookies and BURPPP Milk!" The jock bloats his belly out with a smirk on his face, as he continues being a glutton. A hot video for any fan of burping and food stuffing.


10 mins, 45 sec

Justin's Cookies & Milk Belly Stuffing

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