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Jonathan the GIANT Vampire

24 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Vampires, Shrinking, Live Action, Dual Players, Commission, Mouth Play, Biting, Tongue, Mouth Play, Butt Crush, Vore, Foot Play, Toe Play, Flexing, Magic, Power Dynamics, Original Music (in the beginning only)


“Are you gonna let me in Marcus?” Jonathan asks, after blowing smoke in his face. He stands by the door to Marcus’s home. Marcus lets him in. But little does he know- a Vampire has just come into his life!


Jonathan promises Marcus eternal life, as long as he can suck all the life out of him- thus shrinking him down to an inch tall. The opening process is intense.


“Have a seat Marcus”, Jonathan says calmly. Sniffing the stud’s neck. “So young. So strong. Now would be the best time to convert into eternal power.”


Soon Jonathan is in a gold and black cape, and his fangs are out. He bites towards the camera before convincing Marcus to let him drain his life. He bites down. And tastes all of the energy out of Marcus’s body. Soon Marcus is an inch tall- at a Giant Vampire’s mercy.


The first half of this 24 minute thriller includes same size action and foreplay between Jonathan and Marcus. The second half is just Giant Jonathan humiliating tiny Marcus, from foot play, mouth play, butt crushing and of course- those teeth! 


Done as a commission. 

Jonathan the GIANT Vampire

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