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Jonathan Swallows Tiny Loser + Q & A

25 minutes


THEMES: Giant Jock, Verbal Humiliation, POV, Shrinking, Mouth Play, Tongue Play, Vore, Belly Bloating, Belly Button Play, Burping, Hiccups, Spit, Commission 


Jonathan is pissed. His loser teammate lost the game for the team, and ended up sitting on the bench. "That's all you're good for bro. Everyone says it. You SUCK."


When the jock finishes showering, he confesses to his friend that he needs to be used for better things. "I think instead of messing up in sports, you should just climb into my mouth!" And ZAP! The tiny is suddenly an inch tall, and at the mercy of a very hungry and powerful giant jock.


What proceeds is insane amounts of footage featuring Jonathan toying with the loser on his big tongue. You can see how big the teeth are, the glistening throat! "BURRPPPPP!" Jonathan also burps a lot with the little stuck where he belongs. 


Once swallowed down to the stomach, Jonathan continues to bloat his stomach out and feel the loser kicking. "Wow you really put up a fight don't you buddy? HAHA Well you're stuck in me now."


This is THE Vore clip for fans wanting to see Jonathan's mouth skills. Nothing else compares. 

Jonathan Swallows Tiny Loser + Q & A

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