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Jonathan Shrinks Camera Man

17 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Verbal Jock, Mouth Play, Burping, Foot Play, Foot Stomping, Vore, Shrink Ray


Jonathan shows up to JFP to do a film shoot as usual. Off screen, the camera man tells Jonathan how excited he is to work with him again. But Jonathan tells the idiot that shrinking is actually a real thing. When the loser doesn’t believe him, the jock simply points his shrink ray watch - and POOF! The camera man is one inch tall. 


“Aww you’re so much smaller now”, Jonathan smirks. “Look, can you believe you’re smaller then the machine that shrunk you - BURRRPPP- tiny hahaha!” 


Jonathan then puts the tiny inside his mouth, burping with him between his sentences. “So powerless. So useless. MMM tasty too. Isn’t this your biggest fantasy anyways? To be on this big jock’s big tongue?” 


After mouth play, Jonathan places the camera man between his sweaty toes. “Clean the lint out. Stink like Jonathan feet? GIANT Jonathan feet hahah! You’re so stupid bro.” 


Jonathan’s feet are massive towards the tiny, and Jonathan has his way with the camera guy. “I’ve wanted to do this to you for months! Dummy- got tricked into getting shrunk!”


Then back into the mouth the loser goes, with Jonathan burping again. Not caring at all. Soon he tosses the tiny on the floor- and smothers him in foot stink. 


Eventually he swallows the camera man whole! “I feel you in my belly. Stop trying to crawl out. No way you’re getting out now.” 


Jonathan Shrinks Camera Man

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