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Jonathan’s New Pet: Feet & Butt Crushing

20 minutes


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, Verbal, POV, Foot Stomping, Belly Button, Butt Crushing, Underwear, Armpit Play, Muscle Jock


"Hey what's up little dude, where did you come from?" Jonathan asks- still sleeping in his bed. The tiny (POV) starts scurrying all around the jock's body- scared and also a little excited. 


"You like my belly button huh? It's bigger then you haha!" The giant comments, as the tiny plays in it a little before then trying to escape off the bed. But Jonathan is faster. 


"Where do you think YOU'RE GOING bro? You belong to me now!" As the tiny tries to run away, Jonathan's massive barefeet come crushing down on him. "You're so powerless hahaha!!" The jock mocks. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Amazing zoom angles show much HUGE Jonathan is compared to this little idiot. 


After foot play, Jonathan decides "to play with you with my butt!" And the jock has a perfectly round bubble posterior to do the job. For 10 minutes you get nonstop butt crush again, with various angles. No skimped theme here- Jonathan has a HUGE ass- and it's "powerful as fuck! I'm gonna sit on you again!" He even puts the tiny into his briefs at the top section at one point. 


Def a great starter clip for macro fans that want to see how Jonathan interacts with a tiny trying to escape from him!

Jonathan’s New Pet: Feet & Butt Crushing

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