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Jonathan Destroys Gingerbread Town

20 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Townspeople, Gummy Bears, Gingerbread House, Construction, Destruction, Verbal Domination, Mouth Play, Vore, Burping (a lot), Hiccups, Whipped Cream, Frosting


Jonathan is a Giant that discovers a tiny group of gummies and their gingerbread man. “You want me to help you build a house?” The jock asks in a lax manner, wearing a Santa hat. He begins constructing it, using icing to put the walls together. But soon the tinies are becoming too demanding with how they want it built, and the Giant gets mad…and hungry.


“Fuck your house!” Jonathan says, crushing the house he just built and taking a massive piece of it, shoving it in his mouth. “MMMM Yummy house!!” He takes the icing and SQUEEZES the thick white frosting out in globs, licking it messily and tossing more townspeople down his throat.


He takes whipped cream and before shoving it down his gullet, lets out a huge wet belch. Jonathan continues drinking milk, eating the house, and burping. Evil at it’s best. Burp fans especially will like it.

Jonathan Destroys Gingerbread Town

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