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Jonathan BURPS & Armpit FARTS!

18 minutes


THEMES: POV, Verbal Jock, Burping, Hiccups, Drinking Soda, Armpit Farts, Commission 


Jonathan sits shirtless in front of the camera. He playfully starts drinking soda, and letting out HUGE burps. 


“BURRRAPPP!!!! Oh man, that was a good one haha! Let’s see if I can get some more.” He drinks more soda, his sexy pecs showing to us and his muscular neck moving as he lets out more gas.


He starts to get more giggly as he also does armpit play, sniffing his pits and making farting noises with them.

“You guys aren’t BURRRPPP grossed out by this yet, are you? YOU’RE NOT? Okay then, I guess I’ll keep going!”


Lot’s of burping, and even some hiccups at the end. Jonathan is a pure natural. Done as a commission. 

Jonathan BURPS & Armpit FARTS!

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