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Johnny's Stinky Feet, Pits & Muscles

22 minutes


THEMES: POV, Consensual, Jockstrap, Underwear, Muscle Worship, Foot Worship, Armpits, Master vs Slave Play, Verbal Humiliation
Johnny flexes and boasts about how POWERFUL he feels as a true alpha master. In a POV experience, you get right up close to the jock's amazing pecs, biceps, jockstrap, posterior and those sweaty feet. The entire duration of the video has the camera man asking Johnny why he likes being a master. "Cause that's what the subs want. They WANT me to control them. They WANT me to dominate them haha!" 
Johnny talks about how he uses his hands a lot too- construction work, repairing cars, heavy gym routines. He's an all-around American God. Wearing a blue jockstrap and blue baseball cap - he's in matching fashion as he playfully taunts you. 
For anyone into muscles, pits, butt and stink- THIS is the clip for you. Johnny's masculine personality and cocky attitude are on full display. You feel you're in the room with him! A full half hour of hotness!
NOTE: Camera man conversation and direction.

Johnny's Stinky Feet, Pits & Muscles

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