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Johnny Eats, Burps & Belly Bloats

18 minutes


THEMES: Burping, Hiccups, Food Stuffing, Muscle, Belly Bloating, Verbal Humiliation

SUMMARY: Johnny eats peanuts and burps in front of his pathetic stepson, comparing him to the snacks as he belches and bloats his muscular stomach out. 






"I could fucking eat you like these peanuts!" Johnny laughs, stuffing the snacks and cracking the shells in front of his wimpy StepSon (POV). "BURRPPPPPP!"


"I never cared about you", the jock says nonchalantly. "You're useless. You seem to like it when I BURRPPPP!! LOL!" He grunts, eating more peanuts. Then he bloats his muscular belly out. "OHHH fuck dude", he says- pressing his manly, meaty fingers on his stomach. "I feel all gassy!" Smacking his stomach more and more.


"I love it when I can taste it on the way down. Then when I BUURRPPP! I can taste YOU on the way back up hahaha!" The jock is a glutton, eating more and more.


 "Aw you like watching your StepDad BURRPP?? I know you do haha!" He taunts the stepson (the camera POV) more teasingly. "I'm gonna eat you next. Mash you up with my teeth. Push you to the back of my throat. And swallow you deep into my belly."


He ends the scene by pretending one of the peanuts is his stepson, eating it, pounding his stomach, getting hiccups, and washing it down with juices. LOTS of burping and verbal!

Johnny Eats, Burps & Belly Bloats

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