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JockZillas: Train Town Destruction!

22 mins + Bloopers


THEMES: Brad, Mark, Dual Giants, City Stomp, Gummy Bears, Grass, Barefoot Crushing, Train Set, Train Destruction, Smoke Stack, Mouth Play, Vore, Muscle Play, Butt Crushing, Hand Crushing, Slow-Motion Effects, Music (only in the intro), VERBAL Jocks


SUMMARY: Mark has built an entire city in his living room and invites his buddy Brad over to have fun destroying it all. The town includes a fast moving train- but not nearly fast enough to dodge Brad's giant sandals. The jocks have fun destroying buildings, swallowing townspeople, butt crushing towers, and wrecking the speeding train to pieces, including the track itself. It takes 2 to destroy a village - literally. 


PLOT: "Bro you got to see what this remote control can do!" Mark is excited to show his best friend Brad his big surprise in the living room. It's a whole shrunken down city! Complete with a moving train. But Mark and Brad have other plans.


"I say we destroy the little fuckers", Brad mocks. 


"Yeah, starting with eating this one haha!" Mark bends down and grabs a tiny off the roof of a building! Then, wearing blue jeans only, sits and butt crushes a few of the towers. Brad, also wearing blue jeans and sandals, is so massive he can stop the puny train in it's tracks- and does just that!


"FE FI FO FUM!" Brad laughs playfull, stomping a building with his GIANT smelly foot. "ARGHHH!!!! FUCK YEAH!!" Another foot pounds down. And another! Both jocks are hungry for power! Mark bends down again and takes the entire train off the tracks just using his teeth. Brad laughs in the background. 


Soon Mark and Brad take turns dumping little tinies into their mouths from the train cars, which they easily separate. You see all the way in their wet big throats, as the littles are gobbled down to the giants big, waiting tummies. 


They rip the buildings apart. They tack train tracks and bend them. They take the main car and shove it into a skyscraper! They're ruthless gladiators. And they love destruction!




Who would win, one mant city or two towering titans?


Unfortunately this question is about to be answered. A peaceful, Idyllic city is systematically destroyed by two massive giant studs. No building is left standing by the time these monsters finish. Whether squashed underfoot, flattened beneath a giant ass, or dissolving away in a belly; the population drops to zero. 


The two gods start slowly. At first just observing their prey. They carefully scout the outskirts and comment about how tiny they are. Yet soon the lust for destruction is too much. Stepping into the streets, the decimation begins. Massive, thundering soles quickly flatten all in their path. Each step carefully aimed to cause immense devastation. Fleeing tinies explode under their uncaring soles. Others are snatched off the ground before being torn asunder from gnashing teeth. One unfortunate tiny is dropped into the insole of the god. His body is so small within the steamy footprint. The little guy trying his best to escape the sweaty material, only for the foot to slide back in. The two just laugh as he is trapped under those musky soles. Forever cursed to absorb that rancid stench wafting from them.


With the population rapidly declining, the titans move to the actual structures. Mark slams his foot down and the building explodes outwards. The structure gives zero resistance to the titan. Meanwhile Brad snatches up the local train and slams it into another. The two are having the time of their lives as they live out the kaiju fantasy. Whatever twisted idea they can think of they inflict onto this manthill. Mark turns around and slowly sits down on another building, laughing as the others flee his massive ass. Once flattened he grabs another and rips it apart with his bare hands. His muscles bulge and flexing as he annihilates the skyscraper. 


Soon there is little left of the town. Yet plenty more tinies to take care off. Handful after handful are quickly snatched and consumed. Their bellies bulge as they fill with the squirming bodies. Their massive mouths are on full display as they ravenously consume all in sight. With the last morsels gone. The two high five each other after another successful raid. They head out searching for the next region to ravage. 


The best City Crush video in JFP History! Includes a train that actually moves and has smoke that comes out!


JockZillas: Train Town Destruction!

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