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JockZillas: Ken Destroys Gummy City

27 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Tinies, M/M, City Destruction, Stomping, Barefoot, Butt Crushing, Muscle Play, Hand Destruction, VERBAL, Vore, Slo-Mo Effects, Multiple Buildings, Q & A


PLOT: Ken is a massive construction Giant who stumbles upon some stupid little gummies who need help building a town. But when the littles can't pay their bill, the jock stomps and eats the entire city as punishment. 


"You guys need help with construction?" Ken inquires. Turns out the littles need help building a massive city. "Sure, I can do that. For the right price." When Ken builds them everything from skyscrapers, streets, grass and landscapes- the tinies suddenly can't pay their bill. "Guess I'll have to be a - GIANT now, and destroy your stupid ass town!" Massive destruction resumes. 


The Giant proceeds to stomp every last building, rip them apart, and even butt crushing. The butt crushing is intense. Not only does Ken sit on these helpless structures, he does actual exercises. "Yeah get under my sweaty ass, losers!" He finds more humor in the situation as the town becomes smaller and smaller, the more he destroys it. He grabs little gummies off roof tops, and tosses them in his mouth. 


In slow mo, we hear the THUD THUD THUD of the giant's massive barefoot- powerfully destroying everything in his path. Ken squeezes one building between his thighs, and another one he swats like a bug with a fly swatter. This city is no match for KenZilla. "I'm a BIG ASS fuckin Straight GIANT LOL!!"


A must buy for any City Crush lover. Ken is verbal, masculine, strong and has big size 13 feet. The ultimate revenge plot.

JockZillas: Ken Destroys Gummy City

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