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JockZillas: Jonathan vs. Tiny City

23 minutes


THEMES: Giant, City Destruction, Barefoot in Jeans, Sandals, Car Crushing, Building Stomping, Vore, Helicopter Sound Effects, Slow-Motion Action Effects, Outdoor Photography


A tiny hiker stumbles upon a slumbering giant in blue jeans and sandals. This is Jonathan. Once discovered, the jock asks where the hiker came from. When the little dude admits he's from a small city just down the road, the Giant is intrigued- to DESTROY IT! 


After eating the hiker, "FE FI FO FUM!" Jonathan laughs and begins STOMPING the helpless buildings and people. A beautiful red car is smashed to nothing under the giant's massive sandal. Jonathan even does big hops on skyscrapers, and gets on all fours to eat and gobble up everything in sight. Helicopters try to stop him, and you can hear their engines- but they're no match for the Giant.


Filmed in both Cinema Mode and Zoom on the iPhone - and also entirely outdoors in beautiful southern California. Jonathan is a natural Giant, who is quick to move and figure out what to demolish next! The lighting is also incredible and everything is perfectly in focus. A must for all the city crush fans!

JockZillas: Jonathan vs. Tiny City

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