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JockZillas: Helicopter Destruction!

27 minutes


THEMES: Dual VERBAL Giant Jocks, Outdoors, City Crushing, Barefeet, Armpit, Vore, Mouth Play, Muscle Flexing, Helicopter Drone, Special Effects, Slow-Motion, Gummy Bears (some even melted it was so hot!)


An evil scientist has shrunken down his entire job corporation and their headquarters! Right in his own backyard. He pays Mark and Brad to come over and destroy his shrunken co-workers like worthless little ants. 


"And you're gonna destroy THAT stupid ass helicopter too!" The crazy scientist tells them. "Company spent $300 million on it. I want it and them taken out!"


The two jocks chuckle, then begin by playing God with the green helicopter, as it looks like a massive dragon fly to them. Brad takes it and stuffs it half way into his mouth. "Dumb ass helicopter!" The jock chuckles. Mark takes the helicopter's controls and makes the drone go everywhere, though it keeps crashing back down- to the giants' amusement. 


After helicopter play, the giants take turns stomping the buildings. Sometimes they use both their feet and HOP! And crush them. Mark does it so fiercely he topples over in the hot sun, giggling.


Brad grabs gummies and eats them all up, and takes pieces of the ripped buildings and pushes them into his sweaty armpits. "Fuck dude I stink SO BAD. I want these tiny ass losers to SMELL my sweat- from the fuckin gym haha!"


Mark also does armpit humiliation, and the two jocks are verbal and laugh a lot during the almost 30 minute video of nonstop Giant City Crushing action. 


This is the sequel to JockZillas: Train Destruction, and it's the first JockZilla video filmed entirely outdoors! There's something for everyone in this epic clip. 

JockZillas: Helicopter Destruction!

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