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JockZillas: Gummy Village Attack!

21 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Gummies, Barefoot Crushing, Butt Crush, Vore, Verbal, Muscle Flexing, POV


Mark, Brad and Lucas come home to discover their apartment is infested with tiny gummy villagers! They find this hilarious, and begin stomping them, eating them in cereal, butt crushing and verbally humiliating them. 


"Look how small they are compared to our HUGE fuckin feet", Brad laughs. 


"Careful or you'll be stuck between our stinky toes." Mark taunts.


"I bet we could play soccer and pass these little bitches around", as one of the jocks carelessly kicks it towards Lucas, who laughingly obliges. 


"FE FI FO!!" Brad sarcastically chants. The poor gummies are getting stomped repeatedly by three sweaty jock feet, all Giants. All casual about the whole situation. They are Gods to these tinies. 


"Should we go to a different spot? See if there's some more we can round up?" Mark suggests. The camera pans as the jocks walk further into their bedrooms. "Maybe we should resort to EATING some of them soon haha!" Mark laughs deviously. 


"Yeah I'm getting hungry!" Lucas says, STOMPING a gummy. Mark sits on the edge of the hot tub and lifts his muscular legs up, with the poor gummies sticking to his sweaty soles. "There's so many of these fucking things!"


"It's raining tinies haha!" Brad stomps his size 12s on some saying this. 


"Let's smother them all together!" Lucas suggests. The other guys agree. With the count of 3, "ONE TWO THREE!"

SMUSHHHHHH!!!! All the gummies are crushed under three pairs of sweaty jock feet. The Giants grunt as their smelly feet pound down on the villagers, helpless to defend themselves.  


Later all the three jocks sit back on the couch with their dirty, gummy construction feet up on the coffee table. 


"Fuck my feet stink!" Brad says, his gigantic soles right in POV view. "I went for a morning run- my feet are kinda stinky haha."


"We're gonna need to shower soon...but first, I'm kinda hungry." Mark says, his feet dirtier than Brad's. 


"Me too", Lucas says.


"Let's have some cereal!" Brad suggests. "Do you guys pour your milk first, or the cereal? What kinda guys are you?" A masculine question that many Bros will ask their competitive equals. 


"HAHA! I have a mental problem, so I'm gonna put my MILK in first!" Mark says sarcastically. He pours his milk in his bowl. Brad asks Lucas the same question.


"I put both of mine in at the same time!" Lucas says playfully grinning. All the jocks now are making their breakfast. 


"I don't see the spoons!" Mark says, grabbing his cereal with his hands and munching on it. "Hey what the fuck is that??" 


The jocks notice a bowl of more gummy villagers next to their bowls of cereal. 


"This infestation is getting out of control! We should probably EAT them too haha!" They all nonchalantly toss the losers into their bowls and begin eating monstrously. Lucas is the first to open wide for the camera, showing milk, gummies and cereal being mushed together in his cavernous maw. 


When Brad chews slowly, you can see his faded pink tongue and saliva glopping up on a green gummy. "MMMMM!" The jock says hungrily. 


"Oh look at this one in MY bowl", Mark says- putting the little in his mouth and sticking his huge tongue out sloppily. Then he spits the gummy back out, claiming it escaped. 


"We should sit down and eat our cereal, and kick our feet up." Brad smirks. All the jocks kick back up on the couch- munching on cereal with their huge feet in full view. As they place the tiny gummies between their toes, a suggestion is made.


"Think we should BUTT crush some of these tiny fuckers??" The jocks audibly agree. Mark goes first.


"Sit on em haha!" Brad mocks. 


"I SHOULD DEF sit on em!" Mark says, grabbing a handful of gummies and dropping them on the cushioned foot rest. Mark is wearing just light blue shorts. Shirtless, he smashes his butt down onto them. Again and again. 

"Yeah, smother them!" Brad chants. Mark does it more intensely. 


"I can do it harder! Put some CRUSHHHH weight on em!" His thick butt comes down on the poor things again. 


"HAHAHAHA! Don't break the chair!" Brad laughs. Lucas tells him to go next. Brad puts his bowl down and stands over the chair. Brad starts sitting on them. He can't stop laughing. 

"HARDER!!" The other jocks chant on. Brad goes hard. 


"Stupid little ass fuckers!" The Giant says, slamming his ass on them again. And again. And again. He even does some wiggle motion, really smothering them into his swim trunks. Lucas is the last to go, but is the most intense. His tight butt is evident through his shorts. 


"Are you guys ready for this?" Lucas grins, standing over the gummies. He easily bounces up and down on them. "They like it fast and hard haha!" The dudes all end by flexing and showing off their pecs. 


Intense proactive scene with THREE (3) POPULAR HOT Giants! Includes an EXTRA 4 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage of the jocks and director just talking as the dudes have their feet kicked up.

JockZillas: Gummy Village Attack!

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