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JockZillas: 2 Giants Crush City

10 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: Verbal Giants, City Destruction, Barefoot Stomping, Butt Crushing, Hand Crushing, Muscle Flexing, Vore, Spitting, Sound Effects, Slo-Mo Effects


Austyn and Mark discover a pathetic shrunken city in their backyard. They waste no time stomping the multiple skyscrapers with their huge feet. And also picking some up and crushing them with their powerful hands, thighs, biceps and maws.


"I think I'll just play hopscotch haha watch! CRUSH! CRUSH! CRUSH!" Austyn playfully hops on each building, as each one easily deteriorates beneath his soles. 


Mark rips buildings apart, grunting, and leans down and bites one with his strong jaws. Austyn throws a tree at one of the buildings, knocking it over.


"I can see everyone running around, so scared. OH NO!!!" Austyn laughs.


"We should play catch with this building", Mark and Austyn toss one back and forth. "I can feel the glass breaking beneath my fingers! Worthless fucking scum!"


A helicopter (POV) also tries to stop the Giants, but Austyn flicks it away and it crash lands. The jocks continue their rampage. 


Mark and Austyn take turns sitting on some of the towers with their muscular butts. "Fucking CRUSHING them bro! ARGHHHH!!! YEAHHH! Dude another helicopter"- as sirens blare. 


SO many buildings and trees get destroyed by these Giant Jocks. Nonstop macro action. Edited on Final Cut Pro.

JockZillas: 2 Giants Crush City

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