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Jock Robots: Marcus Turns On Pablo

17 minutes PLUS Bonus Footage


THEMES: M/M, Fantasy, Robots, Foot Fetish, Verbal, Jocks, Control, Power




"I'm sorry Marcus, but I'm just not capable of Emotions." Pablo responds dully. He has no expression on his face. Because he is not real. He is a robot. 


Marcus has purchased from iJock Robotics, a high end company that sells life like androids for very high prices. Marcus turns on Pablo with his remote. "Deactivate Sleep Mode", he says. When Pablo talks, he asks how Marcus's day was. Marcus complains about his boss, and how he needs some Affection.


"I'm not programmed for that. Please contact iJock support for assistance."


Furious, Marcus phones customer service. The representative is not helpful. "Pablo is a Tier One Robot." 


"Huh?" Marcus asks. 


"This means you are getting Function. Communication basically. He's very good with helping you make financial decisions."


"What are the other tiers?"


"Tier One is Function. Tier Two is Sex. Tier Three is Emotion. Pablo unfortunately is only built for Tier One. We have other models available that can be more suitable to your needs."


This won't do. Marcus turns Pablo back on, but once again the droid is emotionless. "I'm gonna MAKE you love me!" Marcus says evilly. "Activate SLEEP mode." Pablo freezes in place. Marcus now has the control. He drags Pablo's motionless body further down the bed, and takes big whiffs of his big feet. They smell so sweaty. So life like. Marcus loves it. He plays with Pablo's eyes, and face. Proving the droid is nothing but a male doll, easy to use if he's powered off. 


After the session, Marcus turns Pablo back on. He asks if Pablo remembers anything that just happened. 




Tune in for more Jock Robot fantasies. Taking custom requests too!

Jock Robots: Marcus Turns On Pablo

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