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Jock Masters: Under Brad’s Power

11 mins + Bloopers!


THEMES: M/M, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Robots, Foot Worship, Muscle Play, Push Up Contest, Financial Domination, VERBAL Humiliation, Unaware


SUMMARY: Brad and Mark make a bet to see who can do the most push-ups. When Mark loses, he’s put under a powerful spell by Brad’s special wristwatch- and is suddenly a compliant servant. He does anything Brad asks, including becoming a foot stool, succumbing to Brad’s muscle strength, and being robbed thousands of dollars. 


PLOT: For the first time in Jock Foot Humiliation we have a titan dominating another titan. 


Brad and Mark argue on who is the strongest around. The two gods begin to flex and pose, each saying that they are bigger. The friendly rivalry soon turns into various contests to see who is more alpha. However, Brad has a dirty secret. 


Using his hypnotism, Brad quickly enthralls Mark into giving up. 


“Now you are owned by me and will do whatever I say” Brad commands and Mark nods in compliance.


Commanding him to be a footstool. Mark gets onto all fours while Brad kicks his feet up. 


“That’s right I’m the strongest and you are mine now” Brad says as he relaxes and rubs his feet along Mark’s back. 


Brad just relishes in the power he has over the muscle-jock and demands Mark to worship him. Mark complies and continues to compliment Brad even after getting kicked to the ground. Brad proceeds to trample Mark and command more worship from him. Soon however, Brad wants to have a bit of fun.


He quickly pounces onto the obedient Mark and puts the guy into a choke hold. Mark tries to get out but can’t. Brad is in full control until he passes out. 


“Yeah you little bitch” Brad says in amusement. 


Brad puts Mark into a headlock, demonstrating his strength even more. Mark just appears dazed - in a trance and under Brad’s control. 


Brad orders Mark to get him fruit and beverages from the kitchen. Mark complies. 


When Mark awakens, he is back to being used as a footstool. He is powerless to resist as Brad raids his wallet and steals all his money. The poor Mark is now destitute and a living stool. His luck turned south because he picked a fight with the wrong man. Brad also takes the time out to ROB Mark by taking thousands of dollars in cash from his wallet. 




Mark awakens and is confused as to what happened. Brad just smiles


“You just passed out and fell man” he lies


Mark doesn’t believe him, but what else could do it. His brain foggy he just shakes it off and continues as if nothing happened. Brad just smiles. 


“Well let’s go spend that money I made- wait where is my money?” Mark asks confused.


“Dunno Man. I SURE FOUND some cash though haha!” Brad smiles, holding Mark’s bills in front of the clueless jock.



Jock Masters: Under Brad’s Power

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