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Jock Masters: The Begging Position, Round 2

35 minutes


THEMES: M/M, Live Worship, Verbal Domination, Shoe Worship, White Sock Worship, Barefoot Worship, Spitting, Spanking, Punishment, Wrestling Moves, Muscle Play, Butt Crushing, Underwear Worship


SUMMARY: In round 2 of this intense series, Austyn is back as the ruthless roommate who demands nothing but obedience from his new pet Marcus. The jock does everything from demand the loser sniff his socks and feet, to putting crackers in-between his toes and having Marcus eat them! He also rides him like a horse, yells at him and then acts consensual, and eventually throws him on the bed and wrestles him down with his massive legs and arms. Over half an hour of pure live worship humiliation!


PLOT: Marcus owes rent money to Austyn. He pays him back by becoming his servant. 


Marcus inhales deeply into his master’s sweaty socks.


“Kiss those feet”, Austyn demands. “Good boy.” Marcus obeys. He loves being under the power of a real jock. 


“I fucking OWN you. Be a good boy for master and sniff my stinky ass socks. You’ll do anything I’ll say - get on all fours.”


Marcus complies. 


“Rub my dirty ass feet all over you!” Austyn’s huge size 11.5s are thick and dominating. But the scene gets more intense. 


“BEG for this. Flip over. Good boy. BEG FOR IT!!”

“Please master- I want you so bad”, Marcus begs. “I want more.”


Austyn spits in Marcus’s mouth, multiple times.


Once the socks come off, Austyn’s rank feet go into Marcus’s face as Marcus sucks Austyn’s toes. Austyn is quick to SMACK his pet in line. “BEG FOR IT! Do what I fucking say. Put those fucking toes in your mouth. Oh yeah, you’re a good slave. Good boy. Do my other foot now.”


Austyn makes Marcus put crackers between his toes. “Worship those feet, eat those crackers. Gobble it up. Eat it like it’s the best cracker you’ve ever had. These aren’t some generic ass crackers. You WORSHIP these.” Marcus even is told to spit the crackers back out. Austyn is cold, manipulating and demanding. A true bully. 


“Thank you master”, Marcus says. He loves being under Austyn’s control.


On the bed, Austyn spits more on Marcus- putting him in a headlock with his powerful legs. He LICKS Marcus like he’s a piece of meat- telling him “I own you bro.” He rides him like a horse, in only his briefs. He sits on his face, and then proceeds to STAND on him with his feet like he’s a doormat.


Much more intense than the first Begging Position and far more verbal. As the scene goes on, the players become more loud. The scenes are bolder and louder. Austyn wants power and more power, and Marcus loves being powerless. 

Jock Masters: The Begging Position, Round 2

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