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Jock Masters: Losing the Bet

24 minutes


THEMES: Verbal Jocks, Power Games, Live Barefoot Worship, Toe Sucking, Wrestling, Slave Humiliation 


Trevor makes a bet with Will that he can beat him at arm wrestling. When he wins, he uses Will as his personal footrest. 


"You're gonna pay my rent now too dude. Now start sucking my toes. This feels great. There you go. You feel like a great foot warmer haha!" Trevor has sweaty, huge size 11s that easily land on Will's back and soon Will is sucking on the jock's toes. 


"Blow on my toes too", Trevor demands. "And you call me MASTER from now on, got it?" 


"Yes Master", Will complies. At first he seems uneasy about succumbing to Trevor's power, but as the scene progresses he gets more comfortable.


"AHHH fuck yes", Trevor moans in pleasure. "More spit the better." Will keeps sucking and rubbing on the jock's thick, beefy toes. "Oh this feels so good. Best way you can ever relax bro." 


VERY verbal clip that includes Trevor at his dominating best. Many recall he was also a master on - and this time, he talks even more! And Will easily is able to play a hot submissive twink, in his tight underwear and perfect body. 


Part one. Part two coming soon- with Trevor eating off of Will's back like he's a table. 

Jock Masters: Losing the Bet

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