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Jock Masters: “I Belong to Rico”

30 minutes


THEMES: Live Slave Worship (Consensual) , Verbal Jock, Foot Worship, Spitting, Intense Roleplay, Power Dynamics


Rico comes back from a party and lands his feet on his roommate. He automatically requires dominance. “Yeah massage my feet.” Rico commands. 


“Oh yes sir. Anything for you Master Rico.” Rico gets power hungry and continues to dominate his slave throughout the entire duration of the 30 minutes. There’s SO much going on here. From foot worship, toe sucking, Rico spitting in the slave’s mouth, Muscle Action, and loads of verbal. 


“Say it! Say you’re MY PROPERTY!” Rico demands, his big feet on the slave’s face.


“I am your property sir. I belong to you.” 


As the slave kisses Rico’s feet, he continues his dominance. “Good boy. Lick those alpha feet.” 


“You’re so perfect master”, the slave proclaims. 


Rico also slaps his feet on the slave’s back, who loves being all Rico’s. The slave wants to worship his King. “You like this back massage from my feet, you silly slave!”


Rico spits on him again. “You’re nothing but my property loser. You always wanted me to dominate you.”


This def is one of the most intense Jock Masters scenes we’ve filmed. The preview above should speak for itself! 

Jock Masters: “I Belong to Rico”

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