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Jock Masters: Brad & Mark Stomp a Slave

24 minutes


THEMES: Live Foot Worship, Multiple Jocks, Verbal Taunting, Foot Smelling, Shoe Smelling, Live Butt Crush, POV, Spitting, Humiliation


Marcus has snuck in to smell his jock friend’s shoes. As he is inhaling, he doesn’t notice that Brad is back early. Caught with his entire face in his friend's shoe he panics. 


“What is this, I didn’t know you were into feet” Brad laughs as Marcus bumbles through his thoughts. However; Brad isn’t mad, in fact he thinks it is hysterical. Picking up the shoe he SLAMS it into Marcus’ face. Forcing the runt to breathe his masucline scent. 


“Yeah you are my bitch now. How’s it smell” he taunts as Marcus continues to take deep breaths of the superior man’s shoes. 


Showing Marcus onto the couch. Brad props his feet up onto Markus’ back. Grabbing his beer, he lets the pathetic man worship his larger, dirty stompers. The soles are covered in sweat and grime as he rubs it into Marcus’ face. 


“Are you comfortable Sir” Marcus asks, never looking his superior in the eye. 


“Stop fucking talking, you’re a footrest- footrests don’t talk hehe” Brad demands out of his worshiper. 


Markus gets lost in the worship of Brad’s stinky feet, and forgets the rule.


“Do you need any refills or more drinks?” He asks Brad


“Your a fucking footrest, I said don’t talk!” Brad is angered by the lack of obedience and punishes the scrawny man. Pressing down hard, he smashes the man into the floor. Flat on his stomach, he grunts in pain as he withstands the weight of Brad.


“Aww too heavy for you. I guess so considering how fucking scrawny you are!” Brad taunts. He continues to drink his beer as he ignores the pleas of Marcus


“Roll the fuck over” Brad says and Marcus quickly complies. Lying prone on his back, Brad rests his feet directly onto Marcus’ face.


“Come on, tell me how bad they smell. They really stinky right” He taunts and torments Marcus on the ground. The servant’s face turned red from lack of oxygen and pressure. He shoves his toes into Marcus’ mouth and forces his nose right in between the gaps. He is marking the pathetic man with his scent. Pulling out his phone, Brad calls for his friend Mark Summers to see this. 


Mark enters and is astonished at how pathetic Marcus is. The little man on his hands and knees while Brad kick’s his feet up. Mark quickly joins the fun and the two heavy jocks both rest their large, dirty soles on him. 


“Man, I can't believe he likes this. I just got from a job so these feet smell so bad” Mark says as he nonchalantly rubs his glistening soles on the worshiper’s face. Stomping down. He slams Marcus face to the ground and then shoves his meatly sole right on top. Marcus quickly starts to smell and lick the wet feet. Enjoying every blissful moment caring for the two jock Gods. 


Brad and Mark start to change things up and see if they can break Marcus. Kicking him onto his back, they both start spitting on him. Long, slimy wet droplets splash across his chest and arms. 


“Open your mouth” Mark says as he spits right into the loser's throat. Mark can’t believe the little bitch likes it and just laughs. 


Covered in slimy spit, the two doms rub it all over Marcus. Their heavy feet spread the spit and coating him in a layer of the slime. Mark takes extra care to shove his toes into the slave's mouth. Marking sure he tastes and swallows it all. 


As they continue to make fun of Marcus. The two jocks duke it out a bit. Wanting to one up each other. They both take turns lifting and carrying their bitch. Mark does some curls while Brad does squats. Tired of it, Brad tosses Marcus onto the couch while Mark has a great idea to use him as a seat. 


All sweaty and panting for their workout, The two jock gods turn and sit on Markus. 


“Yeah you like my sweaty, stinky ass on your face.” Mark says. Both of their glutes are in full display of the camera. Their briefs showing off each curve and accentuating their asses perfectly. Up and down they bounce as Markus grunts from the impacts. 


“I wonder if he can breath” Mark asks, sitting on him.


“Who the fuck cares” Brad says as he slams down onto Markus. Not giving the pathetic man any break. The two continue to sit on and smash Markus until Mark decides he wants his feet worshiped once more. 


Lifting his sole up he shoves it into the man’s face. Really pressing his head into the couch as he toys with the smaller man. Quickly he shoves Marcus back onto the floor and rests his feet once more. 


“Let’s have a smelly foot contest” He says as he shoves his toes into the runt's face. Making him take extremely deep inhales before letting Brad have a turn. 


“Yeah smell those stinky feet, smell it!” Brad says trying to win. Unfortunately, they both stink so bad, and Marcus can’t decide. Annoyed with their table. They kick him down and order him to get more drinks. Marcus soon discovers his new calling, to live under the feet of those better than him. 

Jock Masters: Brad & Mark Stomp a Slave

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