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Jock Masters: Austyn Owns You

15 minutes


THEMES: POV, Live Worship, Verbal Jock, Dress Shoes, Dirty White Socks, Barefoot, Muscle Flex, Underwear Worship


Austyn is pissed you haven’t paid the rent. For punishment, he decides to use YOU as his personal bitch.


Starting with his dress shoes. “This is what you get for not paying rent. You love these shoes. Sniff my shoes NOW!” He puts the shoe into your face. Kicking them off, talking about their stink- and then showing his dirty sweaty socks. Shoving them into your pathetic face. “You’re so fucking weird dude haha!”


“Sniff these smelly ass socks, you bitch. Put your nose into the socks, toes- and get that dirty ass gym smell out.” Austyn uses you as a foot slave. In POV fashion, he towers over you- demanding you serve him. Starting with his dress shoes. 


“I should make you feel like a paper leaf. I’ll put all my weight on you! Look at that - dirty ass jock socks.” He’s a God, shirtless, and owns you the entire time. 


Once the foot worship is over- he wants you to get under his underwear and sniff. “No touching. Don’t touch anything. All you get to do is observe my perfect body. You fucking nerd.”


Jock Masters: Austyn Owns You

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