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Jock Guidance Counselor Vs Tiny Student

Scotty's NEW video has him play an understanding, laid back college guidance counselor who talks to a student picked on for being short. Sitting barefoot in his office, the jock talks to the small guy about how it's okay to be different - then notices he's looking at his feet. Suddenly, the oh so understanding counselor changes his tune to a more aggressive, dominant bully. "You like my feet so much, get on the floor and smell them - short fuck." A POV experience makes you feel like you're in the scene being forced to smell the sweat off Scotty's rank feet, as he continues to torture the runt  with his big stinky feet. Then he puts his shirt back on, making the loser promise not to tell anyone. 


12 minutes

Jock Guidance Counselor Vs Tiny Student

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