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Jock Confessions: Brax's Big Mouth

8 minutes


THEMES: Jock, Mouth Play, Tongue, Verbal, Burping, Spitting


"You wanna be in this BIG mouth? Huh? My LONGUE tongue!" 


Brax opens wide for the camera, and talks about his big mouth, wet pink tongue and throat. He opens wider and sticks his amazing tongue all the way out. He also does commercial-like "Confessions" about why he likes ice cream cones so much. He even spits and shows off those incredible eyes and lips. 


"BURRRPP! Oh man, I drank a lot of soda this morning" says the jock, burping again. Mocking he can swallow you whole. Yum!

Jock Confessions: Brax's Big Mouth

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