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Jock Confessions: Aaron's Smelly Socks, Feet & Pits

23 minutes


THEMES: Interview, Jock, Verbal, Smelly White Socks, Smelly Feet, Navel, Armpit



Aaron is panting heavily as he finishes up the last bits of his workout. His skin is red and his muscles sore from the intense session. His intense breathing can be heard echoing in the room. He peels off his shirt to cool off giving a nice glimpse of his furry pits. Hopping onto the bed Aaron props up his sweat-drenched socks. The grimey fabric outlines each of his toes. 


“My feet smell awful” he says as he plays with his feet. Leaning back onto the bed he continues. 


“Like they smell like they haven’t been washed in weeks.” He says as he talks about how sour and rotten they can get. Aaron smiles as he says how people ask him to keep his shoes on. The awful stench filling the space. 


The camera zooms in as he slowly peels that sweaty sock off his foot. The toes fighting for release from the confines. 


“It is bad, I can promise you that” as he finally removes the sock from his foot. Aaron wiggles his toes as he inhales his musky socks. Going into detail on how terrible they are. Like leaving food out in the hot sun for a long time. Bending down he slowly removes his other sock. Both smelly feet are now on full display. His toes splayed out for the camera. If they were any closer the lens would fog from the intense musk. Aaron plays with his second sock as he continues


“You know, I don’t like doing laundry. I like to wear the same socks over and over until they get super crusty and hard.”


“There is so much nasty shit that comes off my feet that there is nothing compared to my socks they are the stinkiest stuff I have ever experienced”


Aaron continues to air out his toes and says that he loves to shove his grimy socks in people’s faces. Forcing them to inhale and savor his manly odor. 


“It's almost like a chloroform” he says as he describes shoving his socks in a friend's face. How his friend was gagging and nearly vomited from the intense smell. 


“It was truly unbearable for him” Aaron can’t help but laugh as he continues his story. 


“I love kicking my feet up, putting my sweaty stinky feet in other’s faces” Shoving his foot towards the camera. Really putting his nasty soles on display. 


The camera slowly moves up and zooms in on his belly button. Aaron describes how nasty it can get. One day even finding a bug trapped within. He picks out lint and other debris from within before talking about how smelly his hairy pits are. 


“Its like a wall of BO, The stinky nasty armpit sweat” He says as he lifts his arm up. Both pits are on full display. The skin glistening in the light. 


The final scene is of Aaron using his hands and playing with his toes. Describing what he would do to a footstool. Pushing his Big and middle toe apart he says 


“I’ll put your nose right in between here and SQUEEZE” 


“It is perfect, I just love imagining this” he says, wishing he had a little worshipper now. Aaron ends the scene describing how he would smash his feet into a person’s cheeks. Really rubbing his stench into their face. Not caring about what they thought as he is the alpha here.


Written by MaxTiny @Discord 


Jock Confessions: Aaron's Smelly Socks, Feet & Pits

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