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Jason Swallows Loser Watching TV

20 mins


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, BareFoot POV, Burping, Hiccups, Mouthplay, Vore, Verbal Domination, Magic


Jason discovers his loser buddy Jake has shrunk and is stuck in movies featuring Giants. As he comments on what is happening, he kicks his big bare feet up towards the camera. "You stupid ass hahaha! Always been a runt. Now look at you bro- stuck and helpless." He wiggles his toes and mocks poor Jake as he's swallowed and humiliated by Giants on the TV.


In the next section, little Jake has transformed into a tiny right in the palm of his Giant friend's hand. Jason tosses him in and out of his wide jaws, licking on him, getting hiccups, burping and being careless and cruel. This is just a game to the jock. "BURRRRPPPP!!!! Oops, sorry buddy. Didn't mean to BUUURWAAAPPPP Belch like that. HICUUP! Oh fuck man, you HIC!!!! you got trapped in my throat." 


Anyone into macro themes that are about feet, verbal and mouth will want this clip. Minor cameraman direction.

Jason Swallows Loser Watching TV

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