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Jason's POWERFUL Burping- POV

11 minutes


THEMES: M/M Domination, Male Burping, Closed Mouth Burping, POV, Verbal Jock, Soda, Power Play


Jason sits in perfect lighting in his kitchen and starts burping in your face. Over and over again. "Head you guys like hearing burping on camera, so ask and you shall receive."


The jock starts drinking soda and then starts to get back to back belches. "Aw man, you can feel the build up in your chest."

"BURRPPPPP! BURRRWAPP!!! BURRWAPPP!" Jason gets a lot of closed mouth burping in this video, and encourages you as the viewer to enjoy them. "You all feel that? It felt good for me. Know it felt good for you." The jock keeps burping. And burping. And burping. Jason bugs his eyes out a lot, and gets various expressions. 


"I can feel 'em from the back of my throat. The power behind it haha!"


"Oops." Jason burps more. "Fuck these are powerful ass burps. My bad bro. BURRPPP!!!!" Pierce is playful and dominant in this clip, and the video is filmed in Cinema Mode on iPhone, so the clarity and quality is top notch. 


Jason's POWERFUL Burping- POV

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