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Jason's HUGE Mouth & Tongue

12 minutes


THEMES: Solo Mouth, Tongue Tricks, Throat, Verbal, Camera RAW Direction, Teeth


Jason Pierce talks about his massive mouth. "I never even had to get my wisdom teeth pulled. The dentist said my mouth was BIG enough, it wasn't necessary. And see? Straight teeth haha!" The jock BITES towards the camera jokingly. BITE! CHOMP! CHOMP! He has a twinkle in his eye that hints of playfulness and innocence, along with mischievous thoughts.


Like Mark Summers, Jason has a lot of mouth videos. But this one in particular doesn't have a backstory or tiny getting caught between the cheeks. Instead, it's a RAW clip of the director (off screen) asking various questions to the jock about his mouth, throat and tongue. Jason demonstrates lots of tongue tricks he knews, and proceeds to open up all the way "AHHHH" to show us all the way into the deep, moist cavern!


This is a MUST for all the solo mouth lovers!

Jason's HUGE Mouth & Tongue

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