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Jason Pierce Swallows Tiny Patient

26 minutes 


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Nonconsensual, POV, Mouth Play, Vore, Burping, Hiccups, Verbal, Q & A


Jason is one of the best doctors on the globe. His world renowned treatments attract patients from all countries. Today however, it is time to release one of his best patients: Silas. Jason sits with the man to discuss how the treatment went, if he had any feedback, and more. As the interview wraps up, Jason has one last surprise. 




With the push of a button, the world gets larger. Silas is confused as the smiling doctor looks upon him. The beautiful face filling the sky and those gorgeous eyes piercing the soul. 


“Look at you all shrunken down, this is JUST the beginning” Jason says as he picks up the toy-sized man. "Like Jack and the Beanstalk hehe."


“I couldn’t let you go yet Silas” Jason says, bringing the squirming tiny to his mouth. 


“Before long you're going to be down here in my belly” The titan says as he exposes his massive six-pack. His body is so chiseled not an ounce of body fat can be seen. 


“Uhhh you're going to be soooo delicious, you were one of my favorite patients and I can’t wait for this” Jason says as he tosses the little Silas into his massive mouth. 


Jason’s perfect teeth clamp down and toy with the smaller man. His wet tongue is on full display as he sucks and savors the man. He rubs his stomach while groaning in pure bliss. His skillful tongue tossing Silas in his mouth like a ragdoll. The patient pressed against the rubbery cheeks, smashed into the hard teeth, and embraced by the tongue. 


“Uuuuh” Jason moans


“I just want to swallow you so bad” He moans while toying with the smaller man. His mind gives over to pleasure and power.


As Jason is lost in the waves of orgasmic bliss, he slowly starts to strip down. He loves this power over others and his clothes are too restricting. With his shirt off, the world can see his flawless body. His rippling muscles glistened in sweat, his chest perfectly shaped, and biceps the size of mountains. As continues to torment Silas in his mouth, he gropes his body. That massive ego is getting larger by the second. 




“No no no, you can’t escape my mouth. I'm not done teasing you yet. ” He says as Silas almost escapes his mouth. Droplets of saliva drip down his lips as his mouth fills with the liquid. It takes so much willpower to not swallow the man. 


“Ohhhh yes, I love your squirm. Holding onto my teeth for dear life.” Jason taunts the little Silas. His boulder-like teeth formed cages and prevented any escape. 




“Oh boy, you like that smell…No” Jason laughs as he traps Silas in his stomach gasses. But that is just the start, Jason can’t stop belching. Bits of spittle shoot out of his mouth with each one. 


“Man Silas, did you ever think you would live inside me forever. What do you think?” Jason taunts and slurps on the small man. Letting him get close to escape before sucking him right back down. 




“I know that breath smells great!” Jason torments the man as more noxious gasses leave his mouth. 


“Aww you giving up on me” Jason asks as the thrashing tiny slowly stops moving. 


“Well if you want me to put you out of your misery…”






“Oh boy that hit the spot. Man I can feel you squirming, do it all you want you are with me forever…” Jason taunts


“You are such a good, goooooood meal. But I need to go to my next patient…” The titan says as the camera slowly fades. Silas was never heard from again. 


NOTE: Really cool Q & A during the last part of the video where Jason is asked how he would eat a tiny person and how he would do it!


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Done as a commission. 

Jason Pierce Swallows Tiny Patient

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