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Jason, Crackers & BURRRPS, Part 2!

15 minutes


THEMES: Solo Male, Straight, Verbal, Eating, Burping, Food Stuffing, Crackers


Jason the hot hungry jock is back for more food! As he sits and stuffs multiple crackers at once into his gigantic mouth, he starts BURRPING! Uncontrollably. As he does, bits of the food fly out of his mouth.


“Bro I sure am making a mess aren’t I?” The jock laughs, winking at you as he continues to eat- and belch. “You like it though hahah! Like it when I “BURRRPPPPP!!” All over the place.


The entire video showcases Jason eating more and more food, as his burps and belching increase to obnoxious levels. He doesn’t care though- he’s just being a man. 

No storyline, so just a real jock eating and burping right towards your face! It’s amazing how he can burp on command with all that grub in his mouth and belly. 

Jason, Crackers & BURRRPS, Part 2!

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