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Interview With The Giant FEAT. Shane

11 minutes 30 sec


THEMES: POV, Verbal, Giants, Interview, M/M, Barefoot Crushing, Shrinking


Custom! "What's the biggest you've ever gotten?" Asks the off screen interviewer to a hot Latin man. "I dunno, I don't keep tabs - but like a big a building I guess." He's cocky. "The power is within me. When I want, I'll just make myself big. The power I have is what it is." And his name is Shane. He sits with his massive size 14s in flip flops kicked up towards the camera. He answers all the questions about what he did as a Giant, stomping and eating people, crushing towns and farms. He finds it amusing. He eventually demonstrates to the interviewer how he appears in Giant form, towering over him and laughing- as his big smelly feet crush down. 


Suddenly there's an echo from Shane, and the interviewer realizes he's shrinking under the power of the jock. "Hahahaha! I shrunk you, little bitch!" Shane laughs more, his feet finally crushing him. 


LOTS of verbal, and lots of questions that lead to natural answers from a true Giant Jock. Shane gets really into the role, and is very descriptive about how he would wiggle his toes on the tinies, torture them, eat them, and he does it all with a smirk on his face. "Some of them I put in my shoes", he laughs. "And they even like going back in when they escape- because they like it so much."


NOTE: Sometimes the camera angles are off a bit, to give a realism to this jock talking about his time as a Giant. Sound Effects Editing is also utilized. 

Interview With The Giant FEAT. Shane

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