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Interview With the Giant feat. Kyle

14 minutes


THEMES: Giant Jock, POV Interview, Bare Foot Crushing, Verbal, Storytelling


Jake has landed the interview of a lifetime. The Massive Maneater Kyle has welcomed the reporter into his home for a nice interview. While the world sees Kyle as a terrible monster rampaging through towns and eating people by the handful, today they get to see a more human side. Kyle the fitness instructor.


Instantly, Jake is asking for the beefy Jock flex and pose. Kyle is happy to show off and flexes his bicep. The muscle rising up like a mountain on the horizon. Jake then continues to ask Kyle questions on how he maintains such a massive body. How to build up those thick pecs, those trunk-like legs, and more. Kyle smiles and happily answers each one. 


Kyle goes into details on each exercise to target the specific muscles, how long to spend in the gym, what is the proper way to do the harder exercises, and much much more. He states that while exercise is great, eating right is more important. 


“What do you mean by that?” Jake asks


“You need to make sure you get plenty of protein,” Kyle says with a devious grin. He stares down Jake with the eyes of a predator. Jake pauses a bit wondering if this is his last day. Jake then continues with a few more questions


“How does it feel when you turn into a Giant?” Jake asks, bringing the subject up.


“Oh it is great, so much absolute power over the world...” Kyle responds. Reminencising on the times he grew to have his fun. 


“Man I wanted to fucking crush people. I’d laugh at them and stomp them with my feet, or even crush them with my hands!” he says with a grin. Kyle is a true monster amongst tinies. 


“Have you considered stopping?” Jake asks


“Why would I stop? I love it. I have pulled up trees and smacked tinies with them flying.” The jock says laughing. Kyle can’t stop talking about all his giant conquests. How much absolute power he brings and how much damage he can do. A titan amongst the buildings, easily crushing and destroying all. Jake then pulls out a news article and asks a heavy hitting question.


“So a few weeks back, you got tricked by a group of tinies and passed out from drinking too much. They tied you down for almost two hours before you got out and crushed them. How did it feel to be weakened like that??” 


Kyle gets pissed.


“Are you calling me weak?” He says, starting to stand up. In the process he begins to shrink down Jake to the size of an ant. Jake is begging for his life at this point clearly having angered the demi-god. Yet Kyle doesn’t care. Kicking the tiny Jake onto his back he lifts his massive sole overhead. 






Adapted by MaxTiny @ Discord.

Interview With the Giant feat. Kyle

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