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Interview with the Giant feat. Johnny Ford

17 minutes 30 seconds


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Foot Crushing, Butt Crushing, Verbal Domination, Muscle Play


SUMMARY: A journalist gets more than he bargained for when the jock he interviews demonstrates he can shrink people- and uses HIM as the example!


PLOT: "I learned how to shrink people a while back. I love the fucking power I get!" Johnny kicks back on his bed, in white sports gear, wiggling his massive toes towards the camera man. After answering a series of questions about what it's like to be a Giant, the interviewer asks what it feels like in weaker situations.


"Dude I'm not weak! How could you even ask that?" Johnny then shrinks the camera man, towering over him- laughing as his bare feet come crushing down on him. 


"You fucking pansy bitch! FE FI FO FUM!! AWWW, poor journalist scared now? Of the BIG BAD GIANT?" Johnny laughs at the power he has now. "Feeling my fucking sweaty foot on top of you! I could fuckin eat you bro! HAHAHA! I'm gonna squish you! AWWW Little itty bitty tiny journalist. Guess what? You're the shrunk one now!"


After foot crushing him, the jock also butt crushes him. Bouncing up and down POV - and laughing sadistically at his powers. "This is what you get for challenging my dominance."

Interview with the Giant feat. Johnny Ford

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