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Interview With the Giant feat Dylan

12 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Transformation, Verbal, Interview, Laughing, POV Barefoot Crushing


"When did you first realize you could become a Giant?" Asks the interviewer, who remains off camera. "When I saw that bean and it said 'Eat Me To Become a Giant'. Dylan sits on a big table, barefoot, shirtless, and cockily answers the questions as they're thrown at him. Before becoming a Giant, Dylan claims he had worked at a restaurant. "Observing people in their everyday lives. Wishing I could stomp them so they could, you know- go away."


The Q & A is intense, as Dylan not only verbally chuckles about how easy it is for him to grow and stomp cities and farms, but also demonstrates it by standing over the interviewer and actually reenacting the foot falls. "How did your feet smell when you were stomping around?" The offscreen interviewer asks. 


"Oh they did not stay clean. Started getting sweaty, dirty, smelly." Dylan retains his cocky grin during the entire interview process. "And those giant missiles trying to come after me?? I swatted them like flies! You've seen Godzilla, right?" The jock laughs again. The interviewer asks how far Dylan got. "Did you get to the countryside?" Of course, the answer is a boisterous laugh followed by "yeah and then back to the metropolis city haha."


Soon Dylan giggles and stands up on the table, towering over the interviewer. "HA! Let me show you what I was doing man, I was stomping on them so much!" He can't contain his laughter, and the more he talks about being this massive being, the louder his laugh gets. He lowers his big size 11 foot towards you. "Don't stop man, put this foot in your fuckin mouth!" He starts taunting in Spanish and English. "Yeah smell my feet haha! Smell my stinky fucking feet!" The foot continues to hover up and down, almost covering the entire camera. Dylan even crouches on the table to wiggle his toes as he reminisces, then stands back up again to stomp you again. 


Hot addition to this new series where jocks admit what it feels like to be a Giant, and have the power. Strong lighting and simple backdrop allow you to focus entirely on the jock.

Interview With the Giant feat Dylan

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