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Interview with the Giant feat. Brad

11 minutes 30 seconds


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Interview, Foot Stomping, Foot Tease, Humiliation, Gummy Bears


Brad kicks back barefoot as is interviewed POV style by a journalist intrigued by the jock's power. Brad can make himself grow bigger. The two carry on a conversation of questions regarding what buildings Brad has destroyed. "Ha, so many! So fucking easy- just SMASH em with my big ass feet!" 


"Do you start with the city, or suburbs first?"


"Suburbs dude. Start small haha!" Brad wiggles his toes, sometimes flexing his muscles and smiling a wide masculine grin. 


Brad then takes some gummies out of his pocket. Tinies that he brought home with him. He places them between his sweaty toes, as he keeps talking about his powers and how he LOVES being a King.


When the interviewer questions all of Brad's strength, he is instead greeted with Brad TOWERING over him. The jock's huge size 12 now seems Titanic in size, as he flattens the interviewer into darkness!


Very verbal, interactive clip. Anyone who's like the Interview series will like this one a lot! Brad is a natural domiantor. 

Interview with the Giant feat. Brad

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