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Interview With the Giant feat. Aaron

18 minutes


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, POV, Dirty White Socks, Blue Jeans, Foot Crush, Bare Feet, Interview, Verbal


"So you've invited me into your house because you have a secret for us." The POV Interviewer asks. 


"Yeah, I can turn into a Giant." Says Aaron, who at first glance seems like a normal jock kicking his shoes up on his bed. He wears a simple t-shirt and blue jeans. His attire will soon change of course. 


"Did you become a Giant at the gym?"


"I just woke up one day, and was bigger. Kinda like a muscle you flex. So yeah I did. The dudes weren't looking as big as me." The jock chuckles. 


"When did you discover the power?"


"When I turned 18, I became the man most never could be."


"What's your favorite part about being a Giant?"


"I can do whatever I want to do. I smash what I want. If anyone has to say, I'll smash them too haha!"


These questions continue, back and forth- and they're raw. The interviewer just keeps throwing more at the jock, and Aaron talks about everything from his dirty feet, socks, and of course- how he can destroy cities, eat people and how he loved messing with a helicopter. He also confesses his dirty white socks help him STAY being a Giant, before he turns back to normal. 


"Can you show us your socks?" The interviewer asks eagerly.


"I suppose", Aaron says snidely- taking his worn chucks off to reveal nasty white jock socks. 


"I like feet myself." The interviewer admits, as the adonis wiggles his toes through the fabric.


"I'm not surprised. You seem like a meek person." Aaron chuckles. 


"I am. I actually only am in power when I can ask questions", the interviewer tries to defend himself.


"HA! You're not in power now dude!" Aaron retorts. "You know, wearing shoes all day- the sweat just builds." Aaron starts running his fingers on his smelly white socks as he talks more. "My toes just stink so bad. The moment I take my shoes off, you can smell it."


"You wouldn't wanna stomp on your interviewer would you?" The cameraman asks, laughing weakly.


"I'll guess we'll find out. I'm surprised you're not scared." Aaron taunts. He takes the socks off, revealing his naturally ripe size 11s. "That's what you wanted to see huh? Sweaty fuckin' feet." His toes are perfect. "I love the feeling of little people getting trapped between my toes. Getting to feel em squirm, and squish them in there. I can almost hear those little screams, as they suffer in my foot sweat hehe."


"Wow those are...big feet." The interviewer says, sounding more intrigued and distracted.


"Just wait- they get bigger than this." The jock responds. "I could imagine how YOU would look under my feet. So weak and tiny. HA!!! You specifically, are small when I'm a Giant, and right now. Powerless." Aaron laughs again. The interviewer breaths heavy.


"You know- I feel I should spend almost all of my time as a Giant." The cocky jock casually pushes his bare feet closer to the camera. 


The interview ends on a bad note. The cameraman asks Aaron to remark on an incident where he allegedly fell on the ground, and frat boys threw beer on his body. "What does it feel like to be a Giant that CAN'T Handle himself?" A hush goes through the room. Aaron doesn't look happy with this question. 


"You know when you interact with a Giant, you should learn to shut your mouth about stuff you don't know. I don't wanna hear about the stories you read. YOU'RE the one interviewing me for being a GIANT! I THINK perhaps, its time we end the interview."


"What do you mean?"


"OH I think you know what I mean." Aaron laughs, taking his shirt off to reveal his muscular chest.  "There is one question you didn't ask. You didn't ask how I shrink people." The interviewer stalls. 


"How do you shrink people?"


"Well all I need is a LOOK." The jock grins evilly at the interviewer. The poor man shrinks as Aaron continues to laugh. "Aww this is where you belong. You tiny little bitch boy!" Now Aaron towers over the interviewer, mocking him and lifting his smelly feet over him. 


"That's where you need to be. Between those sweaty ass, stinky fucking toes." The big meaty toes wiggle at the tiny, who is helpless now. "Not so big now huh hahaha! Now I'm gonna make you my bitch! And you deserve it. Smell my sweaty fucking feet. Every drop! All in your face!" The tiny tries to flee, but the Giant jock stomps at the carpet- his smelly feet in jeans more evident. "Tryin to get away? Aw it's so fun to watch you try to run like that haha" STOMP!!!


"Fe Fi Fo Fum. I Smell a fucking pussy bitch down there!" Aaron giggles, now in full Giant form towering over his prey. "What's that word you all say in the newsroom? CUT?" His foot comes down on the tiny, and it's blackout. In the final little scene, Aaron sits alone on his bed, laughing uncontrollably and admitting he needs more people to crush!


Interview With the Giant feat. Aaron

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