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Interview With a Giant Jock

17 minutes


THEMES: M/M Domination, Verbal Humiliation, Giants, Shrinking, POV, Gym Shoes, Socks, Barefeet, Submission, Foot Worship 


Custom Video! 


"I'm pretty short to begin with, you could probably step on me?" The interviewer shyly asks the muscle adonis in front of him.


"Without even thinking about it", the jock says cockily. 


 "So you know how to turn yourself into a Giant?" 


"Yea, I mean...I'm already pretty big already anyway." 


The jock talking is Fred Scarf. He is in football gear, wearing gym  shoes and knee high white socks with colored stripes, and his face has the classic jock linings under the eyes- as if he's ready to go to the field. "This is how it works", smirks Fred to the cynical question man. "The weaker you become, the stronger I get."


"I can turn people into little fucking ants. Haha little fucking tiny people", the jock laughs- sitting with only a bare white wall behind him. Then there's an abrupt cut to black screen. It appears Fred was not happy with the way the interview was going. He insists the camera man calls him sir. They start again. 


"First of all, get on your fucking knees right now!" The interviewer does what he's told. 


"How big can you get" The camera guy asks.


"It's not just about how BIG I can get. It's about how SMALL I can make YOU as well hehe." Fred can't help but smirk, his massive size 11 sneakers towering over the cameraman.  


"I do feel...smaller for some reason."


"Good. You should be." 


Then Fred is asked about his shoes and their size.


"Size 11. Sometimes 12. I wear em out so fast, because I go to the gym so much."


"They get smelly" The camera guy now sounds intrigued.


"Fuck yeah they do, I have athlete's foot. You know what? I want you to smell them!" The jock's massive dirty shoe comes hovering over the camera man's face as he's forced to sniff them. 


"Oh come on man- nooo!" But Fred just laughs. He has complete control over the little runt. 


The view from down under appears to be getting larger as the interviewer realises he is shrinking himself during this process. He's dizzy from the effects of Fred's power, along with his lust for the God's shoes and feet. 


After composing himself, the interview continues. "What happened when you came out of the water, what was that about?"


"Well I had to go to a gym, because when I'm at the gym I get stronger, and bigger. And the more I worked out, the bigger I got. And finally I saw another dude now smaller then me and I- STOMP! - fucking stepped on him!" It gets more intense. "Then I got really big. Like as big as- what's the name of that building in Chicago?"


"The Willis Tower?"


"Yeah that's it. How tall is that building again?"


"110 stories."


"Yeah I was like, 111 stories." Fred smirks down. He begins to stomp his foot down on the table he's sitting on playfully, laughing like a young man of 19. He likes toying with the camera man's reactions. 


Fred takes a gym shoe off and sniffs it. He coughs from the rank smell. "Oh dude these stink so bad!" Now One of his dirty white socks is revealed. He forces the camera guy to smell the inside of his shoe. "That's just the appetizer dude."


As the interview continues to turn more into a foot worship session, Fred continues his stories of being a Giant. "Is that foot the same one that crushed all the farms?"


"Continents dude. This foot has been everywhere. Now fucking smell my stink ass feet haha!" Intensity and lust continue to fluctuate throughout the duration of the interview. "Dude I want you to marry my fucking feet. I want you to use my shoe as a fucking shrine and just pray into it." 


In the finale the jock puts his big barefoot towards us and compares it to a continent. "A spaceship could land on this foot."


JFP's most intense Interview with a Giant to date- and with none other than Fred Scarf. This is not one to miss.

Interview With a Giant Jock

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