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Ian Stomps Tiny City

Ian the Giant Jock stumbles upon a tiny city in his bedroom. Wearing sweaty sandals, he mocks how he's like a Giant compared to the buildings before him, before knocking them down one by one with his giant toes. Sarcastically, he apologizes for causing such destruction- and puts the buildings back up again, only to kick them down again. He eventually slides his sandals off and his barefoot smother the town. He then moves over the the little villagers, easily trapped under his big, manly soles. "Yeah, you like smelling my big stinky feet!" Ian laughs. He molds them like clay between his toes, traps them under the heels, and kicks them around. He ends the scene stomping a blue car until it smashes to smithereens under his powerful foot.


14 minutes

Ian Stomps Tiny City

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