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Ian Drops Father in Cereal & Eats Him

It's breakfast time for Ian, the cocky son of a helpless, shrunken down father. Coming in for breakfast, Iansee's his Dad laying by a large bowl of cereal. Laughing, he picks him up- "Ha, you always told me that breakfast was the most important meal of the day!" Then nonchalantly drops him into the food, pouring cold milk over him. Ian begins eating around the loser, munching and swallowing loads of the cereal and taunting how pathetic his father is. Finally, it's too late- the little finds himself on Ian's spoon. "Are you ready to go down the throat too Dad?" Laughs his on, as he tosses him in his massive mouth. Ian also takes him out and licks on him with his big pink tongue, laying the spoon and his father at the same time next to his pink lips. Eventually, he's swallowed whole. THIS one is not to be missed!


20 minutes

Ian Drops Father in Cereal & Eats Him

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