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I Own You Now feat. Justin

21 minutes


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, POV, Unaware (brief) & Aware, Barefeet, Armpits, Navel, Ears, Mouth Play, Burping, Vore


SUMMARY: A tiny intruder explores Justin's Giant Jock body, but when the cocky bro discovers the little man, he starts to have fun with him. You can't mess with someone this big when you're only an inch tall! Done as a Commission.




Justin kicks back in shorts and a t-shirt, his massive size 13s on the coffee table. "Another the life of a GIANT." He says casually. Little does he know, a tiny has gotten into his house. 


POV- the tiny begins to climb Justin's leg, the jock unaware of this at first. He slides down as the leg is too big. Soon Justin discovers the little dude and picks him up in hands, looking at him inquisitively.


"What the hell is this?" He looks curiously at the runt. He immediately shoves the loser into his sweaty armpit. "Fucking take that- BUURPPPPP!!" He keeps the loser trapped in the pit. "How's it smell in there? That's where you fuckin belong", Justin says casually. "I bet you like stinky places. Where you can be fucking humiliated." He burps loudly again, not caring.


"Im just gonna kick back and watch the game now", Justin says- keeping his prisoner trapped in his sweaty pit. For the next few minutes he does just that- letting out burps, and commenting on the sports. "OK how about you go in my feet now you little bitch?" He grabs the tiny from the pit and places him inbetween his sweaty toes. "It's where you belong now. Between my big stinky feet." 


"Aw you wanna go somewhere else? How about my OTHER armpit?" Justin takes off his shirt, now hairy chested and shoves the tiny in his pit. After more minutes of power, Justin puts the loser in his belly button- doing belly rolls playfully. The jock even places the tiny into his earlobe - not caring how humiliating the experience is. The Giant is in complete control. "You like it in my BIG fucking stinky ear?"


Suddenly Justin gets a BIG burp attack. Apparently, if you hate a tiny- you get a burp attack. "I promise little guy, if I don't hate you, I won't BWARRRPPPPP! Oh fuck, excuse me - BURRRPPP!" But the attack continues, until the tiny falls from the jock's earlobe. 


Soon Justin grabs the loser and tosses him into his mouth, chewing on him obnoxiously - even eating candy and him together. "Don't get lost little dude", he says sarcastically. After mouthplay the jock swallows the tiny down to his stomach. The exploring has finished it's course. 


NOTE: Small seconds are muted throughout the clip, so camera direction is not distracting.

I Own You Now feat. Justin

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