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"I'm in Control Now"

22 mins


THEMES: Giants, Boyfriend, Shrinking, M/M, POV, Transformation, Foot Play, Butt Crushing, Chewing Gum, Mouth Play, Vore, Armpits, Muscle, Betrayal 


"I've discovered your secret", says Austyn to his boyfriend. 


"What do you mean?" the boyfriend asks nervously, POV the entire time. 


"I found your computer files. Dude you like...Giants? That's so fucking weird bro." 


"I just do it with other guys. It's not a big deal." Austyn still looks mad.


"Do you want ME to do it with you?" The jock asks, still looking upset- but oh so sexy at the same time.


"Well, okay...but it means you transform me into different objects. Like this button means Teddy Bear. This button means chewing gum. Just promise not to let it get out of hand."


"Sure dude whatever. And pay me $500 to do it too." The jock is handed the cash and then smirks, grabbing his "boyfriend's" remote control. 




"You made a mistake, loser", Austyn says- chuckling as he takes off his reading glasses and picks up the shrunken idiot- now in the form of a teddy bear. 


"How many guys did you do this with again? That's what I thought." Austyn's tone is no longer caring. He is indifferent, and now will use his ex boyfriend's new shrunken state to his advantage. 


Austyn changes into gym attire, steals $10,000 more from his now incapable ex, and takes his shoes off. "I thought you were a bitch before. Now look at you. HAHA. Just gonna practice my MARCHING on you!" He stomps his black socks up and down on the loser. He wears sunglasses - he mocks their relationship. "I was just using you for the cash bro." 


He then turns the tiny into chewing gum. "MMMM So good! You like how I'm giving you attention now? You were always the sub, bitch! OH- and by the way, we're SO over. You're so small now. Even as gum you can't match my big ass tongue- overpowering you."


The Giant jock chews and slobs on his ex, now helpless as bubble gum and stuck inside his ex's mouth. 


The teeth clamp down on his body. The saliva is clean and you can see the dark throat pass Austyn's tongue as he casually chews his ex. "To think your fetish was a GIANT", The jock says nonchalantly, still chewing. "How DUMB do you feel? You'll do exactly what I say. I'm in control now."


The final part of the clip has Austyn shirtless in just tight boxer briefs. He blows on the loser when the tiny tries to climb his impeccable body. He stomps on him with his bare feet, and playfully ends the session by doing intense butt crushing. Showing off his posterior, and even standing up and banging his cheeks against the doorway. 


"You like it when I sit on you huh bitch?" Austyn chuckles, sitting on him and squishing him- showing off his power. 

"I'm in Control Now"

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