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“I Belong to Jonathan”

26 minutes, 30 seconds


THEMES: M/M, BDSM, Verbal Humiliation, Male Jock, Live Worship, Barefoot Worship, Toe Sucking, Spitting, Food Play, Burping, Power Play, Spanking, Punishment


"There you are Marcus", Jonathan says as he opens his closet. Sure enough, the servant has been in there waiting for Master to come home. Jonathan puts a leash around the idiot's neck. "Well follow me."


Jonathan orders Marcus to take off his socks. He wiggles his bare feet and has the loser start to suck his toes. "I'm hungry though. Get my dinner. And hurry up!" When the slave returns, Jonathan actually uses Marcus as a table- smearing ketchup all over his belly and making him eat the nasty fries from the jock's greasy fingers. 


Jonathan has fun bossing Marcus around, having him get his dinner- and getting angry when Marcus forgets the drink, or needs to go back and get him a glass of water. 


"Don't break eye contact with me as you kiss my feet", Jonathan commands. "Tell my foot it's been a GOOD foot."


"You're hard working", Marcus complies. Jonathan is in complete control as Marcus keeps worshiping the jock's sweaty soles. 


"Yo Marcus, come closer." Then Jonathan BURRRPPPPPS!! in the loser's face. "You're so fucking stupid! I can't believe how dumb you actually are. Keep sniffing my feet." 


Jonathan blows smoke in Marcus's face to continue to show him who's boss. "Kiss my feet. Show each toe love and respect." Marcus complies. "You're such a good foot slave." Jonathan is now getting bored and wants more power. 


The jock leans in and says "You're going to be a useless slave for me?" And throws Marcus on the bed. He licks his face to mark his territory. Things intensify when Jonathan starts spitting into Marcus's face.


"You let anyone else let you spit on you?"


"No Master. Just you." Then Jonathan FARTS on Marcus! It's insane. 


"Who's your master??? WHO DO YOU BELONG TO?"


"You Master Jonathan."


A continuation of The Begging Position with Jonathan being added to the roster of cruel jocks who use sub boys as their personal slaves. 

“I Belong to Jonathan”

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