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Hunter Watches TV: Mouthplay, Burping, Verbal

20 minutes


THEMES: M/M, Shrinking, Mouthplay, Burping, Vore, Belly Play, Verbal, Barefeet, Transformation
Hunter sits shirtless, with his huge legs crossed and towers over you while watching TV about Giants swallowing tinies. Including his own pathetic stepson Oliver. While drinking soda and water, the jock lets out massive belches and makes fun of the poor dude being swallowed. He's so pathetic and useless. "Look at you! Stuck on a big ass tongue. Just like my tongue haha!" Hunter rubs his muscular stomach, bloating it out as if to imitate the Giant who loves swallowing things way smaller than him. 
Eventually Hunter grabs Oliver out of the TV (magic!) and begins burping on him as the tiny in the TV is tortured by a Giant. "BURRPPPP! OOps sorry Ollie- back in you go!" He tosses him in and out of his mouth, acting casual and nonchalant about the whole thing. When Oliver turns into a plastic horse, Hunter has more fun mouth torturing him, moaning with pleasure that he's inside his maw, and even twisting and biting his legs off. He even eats another toy horse that used to belong to Oliver. MORE Burps- they get nastier as Hunter goes on with the punishment.
You can get a glimpse of the tops of his feet during the duration of the clip. 
Lots of verbal, burping, mouthplay with Hunter just kicking back, being a real straight alpha God. Very twisted and dark stuff- Hunter takes it to the next level.

Hunter Watches TV: Mouthplay, Burping, Verbal

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