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Hunter Vs the Gummy
"You look pretty tasty right now dude, not gonna lie", Hunter says to his shrunken coworker, who has magically turned into a red gummy bear. "BURRPPP!!!!" Hunter belches right on him, before mouth torturing him inside his massive maw. He never once bites down on him. He simply sucks the candy on his tongue. "You're so cute, and now you're so sticky! Put you on my lip- BURPPPPP!!!" Hunter seems to get gassier as the film progresses.
The jock eventually takes off his t shirt and reveals beautiful pecks. Hunter goes back to kissing and licking the candy. Eventually Hunter swallows the loser down his throat and into his very bloated belly. He continues to burp and rub his stomach. Very verbal, very gassy Hunter this time! Completey Vore focused. Small Q & A at end of video.


11 minutes 30 sec

Hunter Vs the Gummy

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