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Hunter Swallows Tiny Roommate

Custom Video! Hunter's roommate has eaten all the food in the fridge, and this pisses the jock off. "So what am I supposed to do, order in? I think I'd rather have you on the menu." Hunter shrinks him down in a special way- by burping directly on him. The roommate begins to shrink, and Hunter wastes no time when he starts mouth torturing him. He burps constantly throughout the story, taking the tiny out and tossing him back in. "BURRRPP!! Oh man that felt BURRRP good." Hunter belches more here then any other video. 


If the torture isn't enough, he finally swallows the loser down to this stomach, talking about how he's trapped in his belly. Then he actually regurgitates him back up in the toilet- before flushing him down. 


THEMES: Mouthplay, Vore, Burping, Verbal Domination


16 minutes 30 sec

Hunter Swallows Tiny Roommate

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