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Hunter Swallows Tiny Best Friend

Hunter comes home and chuckles. He see's his best friend is now only half an inch tall. Being friends forever, he knows that his pal has always had a fetish for Giants. And being that he is now exactly that, he decides to have some fun. Picking him up, Hunter casually tosses the little dude into his massive mouth. Landing on the jock's pink tongue, the tiny has no other choice but to endure his circumstances. "You like being in your best friend's big, wet mouth don't you? " Hunter rolls him around the slippery tongue for quite some time, and then begins letting out massive belches. "Eat my spit you tiny loser." Soon the Giant grows bored of the game, and swallows the loser down to his tummy. Interactive, hot clip with verbal, vore and burping. 


12 minutes

Hunter Swallows Tiny Best Friend

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