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Hunter & Lucas: Feet & Armpit Stink

Double Feature! Get both Hunter and Lucas at their sweatiest. Start with Hunter returning from the gym, taking his shirt off, and sniffing his pits. "Aw man do I stink." He keeps sniffing them, with close ups of his muscular arms as he gets into the power his own sweat is giving him. He takes off his shoes, smells one, and literally grunts. "Oh man they stink so fucking bad man." Eventually barefoot, Hunter rubs his barefeet and smells his fingers. 


Lucas is next- with a hairy muscular chest that he keeps rubbing on, as he also sniffs his pits, and then takes off his shoes and almost suffocates on his own foot stink by ramming a sock up his nose. "Ohhh man", Lucas moans. "My feet reek!" Lots of POV shots, intense close ups of both jocks as they master in their own scents. 


If you're into guys talking about their gym sweat, pits, and feet- this video is for you!


15 mins

Hunter & Lucas: Feet & Armpit Stink

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